If you're looking for the best hairdressers Canberra has to offer, you've found them.

Since 1965 there has been one name that is synonymous with style and hair in Canberra, Cataldo's.

Hair is an individual statement, a form of expression, style and art. Cataldo's is inspired by the world’s dynamic fashion industry and is committed to finding the perfect style for each and every client.

Stylists at Cataldo's hold themselves to a higher standard  alongside the very best. Together, they form a nurturing, vibrant and creative community of professional hairdressers who continue an evolving journey of rigorous education, empowerment and excellence.

Cataldo's stylists are not only leaders in the capital, they're up with the best in the world, and intend to remain so. 

Cataldo's is a multi-award winning hair salon which is visionary in its approach and attitude. Its dedication to challenge, technique and design has forged the salon’s reputation internationally through an extensive portfolio of magazine covers and editorials.

As Canberra evolves and matures, so too does Cataldo's – firming its place as a world-class hair salon.




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